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             CLASS NOTES 2006 - 2012:


December 2012

Betsy Barclay Jordan has moved from her lovely Arcadia home where she and husband Jack Jordan lived for many years to the Royal Oaks in Duarte. “This is a beautiful retirement community, and in April I was unexpectedly offered the one cottage I had seen and really liked. I put my house on the market in June and it sold in a bidding war in 1˝ days, all cash and a two-week escrow. I had 24 offers!” She now lives in “a darling little 1475 sq. ft. home. It’s wonderful to have only half the space and no pool and yard to keep up. I’m being spoiled to death and love, love, love it here!” Betsy’s new address is in the Class Directory.

Jean Ramage lives half of each year in Arcadia and half in Hawaii. [Lucky Jean!] Her daughter and husband, and two sons, 12 and 8, live in Arcadia, so are close by part of the time. “As I reviewed the pictures [on the website] the women were more familiar than the men. We were so young.”

Janet Reeve Jacobson also spent some time looking through our Senior class photos. “So many memories of people in our class. Since I attended school in Arcadia from Kindergarten, I remember many of the faces. It was fun thinking of each one, from First Avenue, Holly Avenue, Santa Anita and Hugo Reid, as well as AHS.”

Dick Croxall (Nancy), Barbi Knopp Wesser (Don ’56), Dick Leach (Sandy ’59) and Myron Reichert (Linda ’59) met in October for dinner at Bill Eldredge’s (Molly ’59) home in La Jolla, The couples enjoyed another mini reunion/get together as a follow up to the 55th Reunion this past June.

In November, Marylee Grant Goyan hosted her annual get together for several classmates, this time at her home in Coronado. Susan Cramer Peters, Megan Geffeney Wagner, Jean Golisch Clark, Barbi Knopp Wesser and Nancy Montgomery Gilmour enjoyed three days of each other’s company, sightseeing and delicious eating in greater San Diego.

David Gilmour is the perpetual energizer bunny. Not content with two stores, he is opening another Paradise Foods in Tiburon, CA next May. The locals are delighted, having never had a quality grocery store in their shopping area. Come visit and let us buy you a lunch or a latte!

David and I enjoyed dinner recently with Steve Grant and his lovely wife Jeannette. We last saw them at the 50th Reunion. When not traveling, they divide their time between their home in the rural quiet of Occidental, CA and an apartment in San Francisco. They have two children and three grandchildren living in the greater Bay Area. Over Thanksgiving we welcomed Julie Albi Shelley and her husband, Donald, to Marin County. They were here to celebrate the holiday with members of Julie’s family. Julie and Donald are frequent travelers, most recently trips to Europe and Asia as well as back and forth between their homes in Irvine and Borrego Springs.

Thank you Tupper Pettit for sending another contribution to the ongoing maintenance of this website. For those of you who may be considering a contribution, we expect to change web hosts and begin a new contract in the coming year. We may need some additional financial assistance when that time comes. We’ll let you know when we know. Thanks!

September 2012

Apologies to our classmate Gerry Andrews Nixon whom we listed ‘Address Not Current’. She was surprised to learn that she was ‘missing’ as she has lived at the same residence in San Gabriel since 1973! Thank you Valerie Skoglund Harris (’58) who discovered our error and put me in touch with her. Gerry doesn’t use a computer due to eyesight problems, but she enjoys hearing from classmates by phone. Before retirement, Gerry worked in several different fields: modeling (Adrian model at Bullocks Pasadena), airline attendant (American Airlines), cosmetology and part-time administrative assistant for various companies. She has been married twice: widowed once and divorced once. She had two children, Alecia and Andrew. Andrew is no longer living, but Alecia lives nearby. Gerry has wondered about her former high school classmates. She and Carol Yates were ‘dear friends’ in high school but they lost touch. She is still hoping to find her.

Thankfully, tropical storm Isaac did no damage to the property of Robert ‘Bob’ Jones and his wife Diana who live in New Orleans, and they were able to escape to Natchez, MS to wait it out. “During hurricane Katrina we were trapped for five days and had to be helicoptered out. We didn’t want any repeat of that. We returned on Friday to a powerless neighborhood, so got a taste of what it was like here but got our power back on Saturday morning. We have thought hard about where to locate if we are ever flooded again.”

Shirley Burgess Vanderbeck continues her busy life of business and travel. Recently she attended conferences and meetings in Scottsdale, New Orleans and Las Vegas. In November she expects to be in Richmond, VA and then will fly to Maine to visit her youngest daughter. “I still am working three days a week for my attorney and just passed the Registered Parliamentarian’s examination so life is very busy. My next big trip will be to Costa Rica.”

Jean Golish Clark and husband Tom took a two-week cruise in August on the Ocean Princess. They enjoyed some of the London sites before boarding the ship in Dover. They sailed to the Isle of Guernsey; toured Waterford and Dublin in Ireland; Glasgow and Edinburgh in Scotland; and numerous other interesting places. They traveled with five other couples and after a day of touring enjoyed meeting them aboard ship for dinner. “The food on the ship was delicious and plentiful.”

Other summer travelers: Barbi Knopp Wesser and husband Don (’56) enjoyed driving up the CA coast and then to Windsor, visiting friends and family along the way; Hawaiian hoa kula (classmate) Sally Galliher Wheeler took a month-long Holland America cruise up the St. Lawrence Waterway visiting Boston and other US points of interest; Susan Cramer Peters and Nancy & David Gilmour visited Yellowstone, Jackson Hole and Grand Teton National Park on separate trips to MT and WY.

We appreciate your support to maintain this website. Jim Allison, Shirley Burgess Vanderbeck, Jean Golish Clark, Steve Grant and Jack Shuler have made recent contributions. Thank you! The complete list of Website Angels is on the Home page.

Arcadia High School has an official website sponsored by the AHS Alumni Association. You’ll find yearbook photos, information about current and past reunions, and memorial pages dedicated to former students and teachers. Take a trip down memory lane: www.ArcadiaApaches.com.

July 2012

Some more news following our 55th Reunion in June:

Pam Boller Pingle wishes she could have been there. “I love old cars and would have liked to see everyone, but I have a lot of commitments here after being away so long on a recent trip. My grandson (23) is in his last year of pharmacy school and is doing something similar to a medical residency here in Medford. He is staying with me and it is such a joy. He is a great guy and we are having a lot of fun. So, I won’t be traveling afar much. My second son turns 50 this summer and we are planning a big barbecue party at his home. My oldest son will be 52, me, 72 and my brother, 76…all in August…so we will actually celebrate all of them. I just saw Linda Lee Brill Smith in April on my five-week cross country trip. She is doing well following the death of her husband last December and keeps very busy.”

Jim Gorjans writes: “I am sorry I could not make the reunion as my wife, Rayma, and I were in Santa Barbara baby sitting our ‘granddog’ for two weeks while our daughter, Susie (AHS ’85), her husband, Marc, and our two granddaughters, Maddie and Gabby, were on a vacation to Italy. It was great seeing all of the pictures posted by Russ and Cecile. Thanks to them both for keeping some of our memories alive. It was great seeing all of the faces, most of whom I did not recognize. The Hugo Reid grads were very special. None of you looks any older than at the 50th. Hope we all make the 60th. Best regards to everyone.”

Jack Shuler writes: “My wife, Nardos, and I are still going on short-term missionary trips. We intend on going to Zambia and that will be our 41st trip to underdeveloped areas since we began these two-week trips in 1984. We have been to Belize, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Mexico, Bulgaria, Ethiopia, Zambia, Guatemala, China and Jamaica, among others and God has been good to us. However, our adventures probably pale when put next to those of my classmate, Harvey Herr! We still have the health and greenbacks to do this, but at age 73, the mind is willing but the body is weak! We had a great dental practice in Londonderry, NH for nearly four decades. Have three kids and nine grandkids so we are very fortunate. My full-knee replacement and two shoulder surgeries are beginning to put brakes on our lives. Nardos and I spend four months each year in Vero Beach, FL. Hope to eventually make a reunion. Jack Shuler 1957 (and proud).”

Thank you Jean Golisch Clark and Jack Shuler for your recent contributions to the ongoing maintenance of this website. The complete list of Website Angels is on the Home page.

June 2012

The 55thReunion on June 9th was a huge success!  See the 55th Reunion page to read more about it.

We received some additional regrets from classmates unable to attend: Gary Dittmar and his wife, Mason, have just moved to NV; Millie Ashley Jones had family plans; Jack Anderson and his wife, Sandy, hoped to attend, but then couldn’t; Cheryl Powers McGill’s husband, David, was scheduled for routine surgery; Bob Askin and his wife, Jayne, are still completing their home remodel which is running behind. Other classmates sent regrets which are in the notes for February, March and April 2012 (below).

Pam Boller Pingle and Alice Bishop Kennedy enjoyed their own reunion in South Carolina at the home of Alice and Jay Kennedy.  "We both wish we could be at the 55th reunion, but distance and commitments prevent it. Hope you all have a wonderful time!"

Sally Galliher Wheeler leaves June 15 for a month-long trip to Boston and up the St. Lawrence waterway on a Holland America cruise.  She sends love and hellos to everyone.

John Heidtke sent us a copy of a column he wrote for his local newspaper in Shallotte, NC explaining his reasons (partly tongue-in-cheek) for not making it to his 55th high school reunion. He has some great memories of Arcadia in the 50’s: “My family had chickens and a vegetable garden in the backyard. Then, Arcadia was a small, modest white community. My 1957 high school class of 533 had just one minority member known to me. In a dramatic demographic shift, the 2010 census figures show Arcadia with a population of 56,364, of which 59.3 percent are of Asian descent. In 1970 the FBI hired me and I left Los Angeles, only returning for short visits. The place has changed. My 40 and 50-year reunions made this abundantly clear. I need a map to get around in a county I once knew well. I did not readily recognize some of my classmates. Some actually looked better. Most of us have become a bit gray, thicker and wear glasses. Overall we are well off, products of the happy days of the ‘50’s. Maybe my class will have a 60-year reunion. I will consider attending and again be recognized for having traveled the greatest distance there.”

Gary Tickemeyer sent email memories of high school sports, cars and classmates that we shared at the reunion. He was on the AHS track team and held the high jump records. “I also had the honor of running a leg on the relay team with Tom Boswell, the fastest man I have known. Tom and I bought a couple of left over car club plaques from a local vender. We then appointed ourselves co-presidents and used that to help us attract girls at the Balboa beach parties.”  He recalled Ross Heale’s Roadster which Jack Foye has restored and was featured in the May 2010 edition of Hot Rod Magazine. “Nice job, Jack!”

“I’ve had a varied vocational career which has included being a university professor and department head, a city administrator, a Chamber of Commerce director and a mental health administrator. I couldn’t decide what I wanted to be when I grew up and still can’t. Thanks for the good memories and if you plan a 60th reunion, I’ll try to make it.”

Penny Pearson Labourdette who attended the 55th reunion (her first!) shared some rich and wonderful memories. “I remember teaching Bill Black (who lived across the street from me) and Roger Willis how to ballroom dance. A bunch of us were in the same class for years: gentle Denny Marchand, sweet Robin Little, smart Pat Schenck, my Brownie/Girl Scout best buds Virginia Elder and Peggy Parker, handsome and tall Bert Roberts, and how could I ever forget Walter McCormick and Bobby Wells who were constantly getting into trouble. My first day in Kindergarten, Chris Klinger and I were fighting over the same book and I came home with a black eye! Cheryl Powers and I thought we were so grown up at First Avenue wearing lipstick, bras and high heels for the first time. Every week a group of us would go to ballroom dance lessons. Bill Hamilton was my first ‘steady’ boyfriend. Going into high school, do you remember the summer dances at Santa Anita Racetrack? Learning how to drive on the racetrack parking lot? Wearing boyfriends’ letterman sweaters, rings on a chain to signify going steady, sock hops, drive-in movies, buckskin shoes, felt skirts with flowers and poodles on them? My husband, Al, and I socialized with Shirley Melton Hill and her husband shortly after we were married but lost touch. Wish I knew where they are.”

Some sad news we received at the reunion and since returning home:

Jack Foye shared that Ross Heale was diagnosed several years ago with Guillain-Barre syndrome, an autoimmune disorder of the nervous system, and is confined to a convalescent home in Poway, CA. He would appreciate letters, photos or visits. His mailing address is in the Class Directory.

Bonnie Balch Anthony lost her husband, Don Mike, to cancer on June 1. He and Bonnie were married 50 years. Read about Don Mike and the contribution he made professionally and in people’s lives: Welcome to the Los Angeles County Bar Association Website.

Don Yost passed away on June 5, only four days prior to the reunion. His bio can be found on the Obituary page. We extend our condolences to his wife and family, especially our classmate Darrell, his twin brother. Pasadena Star-News Obituaries.

April 2012

Our 55th Reunion is growing! See the 55th Reunion page (link above) for the updated list of those planning to attend.

Judy Bullock Cadenasso sends good and bad news. The good is that she and husband Sil are in Hawaii. The bad news is they don’t return to CA until June13 so will miss the reunion. “Our thoughts will be with you. The other Nancy Gilmore is here in Kona for a week. We got together recently and will see them again today [April 25]. Seems we haven’t changed a bit—at least on the inside. We take up right where we left off. Love to all....”

Maria Watt Siegel is unable to attend the 55th reunion but sends news: “I live in Berkeley and retired after teaching elementary school (both regular and special ed) for 30 years. I still spend a lot of time with kids, as I take care of my two grandchildren twice a week after school and volunteer with a group of retired teachers testing preschoolers’ vision for amblyopia (lazy eye) so they can receive early treatment to save their vision. I have kept in touch with two of my best friends from AHS, JoGene Griffin Hurley and Karen Wingard. Best wishes for a great reunion.”

Jim Norris is unable to attend the reunion but sent pics of his 1954 MG/TF.

Robert ‘Bob’ Cummings continues to teach at USC. Learn more about his stellar career at www.robertcummingscomposer.com (via Jim Norris).

John Van Ornum sends his regrets. He will be out of the country.

Joyce Mark Goodman is continuing with her exercise classes. Visit her website at www.bounce2health.com.

Jo Gene Griffin Hurley won’t be able to attend the 55th Reunion in June, but sends good news from Phoenix. Her 4th granddaughter will be arriving in early May. Jo Gene’s extended family lives in the Phoenix area and plans to be together for Easter.

Annette Gish Hall sent her reunion regrets. She and husband Gary are celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary with a trip to CA in September and unfortunately are unable to make it to CA twice. Congratulations Annette and Gary!

March 2012

Be sure to check out our new page (link above) to the “55th Reunion.” There is a growing list of classmates planning to attend and we hope you’ll join us.

From Steve Grant to Dick Croxall: “It sounds like you have organized an exciting reunion for the class of ’57. Unfortunately, my wife Jeanette and I have long-standing plans for the month of June—which include our 50th wedding anniversary—and will not be able to attend. But on the 9th, I’ll definitely be thinking of you and my other classmates. I send my best wishes.” Congratulations Steve and Jeanette!

Al ‘Bert’ Mckinley writes that he and wife Jo are sorry they can’t make the reunion as they will be attending their grandson’s graduation in Sparks, NV. Coincidentally, on Sunday, June 10 he is being honored by the Knights of Columbus Council in Simi Valley for starting the Chili Cook-Off & Car Show 25 years ago. Congratulations Bert! The money raised is used for charity purposes throughout Ventura Co. “I would like to invite any of my fellow graduates to come to Simi Valley on Sunday, the 10th and join me for the festivities. For further information call me at 805-527-2056 or email: Angelslover@roadrunner.com. PS On April 9 our 10-year-old granddaughter Kelsea is having a back operation, so if my fellow graduates can say some prayers for her full recovery it would be appreciated.”

February 2012

Sadly, we have learned recently of the deaths of some more classmates: Carol Huff Whalin, John McQuarie, Les Rush and Chuck Rose. Their names have been added to the Obituary.

From Harvey Herr: “It looks like I will miss the reunion yet again. I am soon off to an assignment in Beirut, Lebanon and remain living in Nairobi, Kenya most of the time. My best wishes to all of you. Have a great time at our 55th!”

January 2012

Exciting news for the New Year! Plans are underway for a “55-year” reunion of our class. SAVE THE DATE: Saturday, June 9, 2012! Postcards and a letter coming soon with more information. This will be an informal, casual, fun day visiting with classmates in a relaxed atmosphere: The Automobile Driving Museum in El Segundo, CA. www.automobiledrivingmuseum.org. Thank you Dick Croxall for arranging this! Thanks to Barbi Knopp Wesser and David Gilmour for helping with the mailing.  

Thank you to new Website Angels: Gay DeGero, Penny Pearson Labourdette and Russ Newell (’56). Your support of this website is much appreciated!  

Linda Lee Brill Smith lost her husband, Ed, suddenly last October from heart disease, “…after six wonderful years. I am missing him greatly. His family loves me and is supportive. Last April we took a 10-week tour around the country in an RV, my first trip to see the south. I drove over 8800 miles and enjoyed visiting relatives and seeing the country. In May I’m going to visit my son in Hawaii for his youngest son’s graduation from high school.” Linda has been active in her church, network marketing of natural food supplements, bookkeeping, an H & R Block associate, math tutor and an agent for United First Financial. “If we have a reunion in So. CA, I will try to make it. I still enjoy a friendship with Pam Boller Pingle.”

Pam Boller Pingle (veteran travel agent and guide) will be going cross country for six weeks with a friend in April and May. They plan to visit Linda Lee Smith in UT and Alice Bishop Kennedy in SC, along with friends and relatives in NC, PA and the Gold Country. “I am a history buff so this time we will go to Valley Forge, Sagamore Hill, and the civil rights and jazz areas of Montgomery, AL. We will hit NYC, Atlantic City, the Hamptons, Mackinac Island in MI, some islands off Sandusky, OH, and take in some Branson and Las Vegas shows. We laugh our way across this gorgeous country of ours!”

Shirley Burgess Vanderbeck is off to Peru this month for another Legal Study Tour. Since 2004 she has visited 22 countries. This will make 23! The group will meet with members of the Lima Bar Association where Shirley will give a presentation on legal staffing. Genealogy is Shirley’s other passion, and she belongs to various lineage groups. She has traced her family back to Charlemayne. Through her mother’s line, Shirley is a member of the Choctaw Nation of OK, having proven her Native American ancestry. On her father’s side, she is related to Pocahontas by marriage. During Christmas 2010, Shirley met classmates Mary Kloezman Saladin and Shari Day Hubbard for a holiday lunch. Shirley still works for an attorney in Claremont and just started her 16th year there. She misses her youngest daughter and husband who recently moved from AZ to ME near the Canadian border.


December 2011

Alice Bishop Kennedy sent in a financial contribution and joins the list of Website Angels. Thank you, Alice! The complete ‘angels’ list is on the Home Page.

Congratulations to Dick Leach and his wife, Sandy (Swanson ’59)! This past July they celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on a 12-day cruise to Alaska. In August, Dick was inducted into the Southern California Tennis Association Hall of Fame at the Beverly Hills Four Seasons Hotel. “We love living in Laguna Beach with all its cool breezes. I take my yellow lab puppy to the beach every morning in my golf cart and let her play with all the other dogs. Life is special.”

Also, further congratulations to Joyce Mark Goodman who has opened a wellness center, an extension of her exercise program for all ages using stability balls (October 2010). She is now integrated with a holistic chiropractor and is giving wellness seminars. She was named the Active Aging Spokesperson for FitBallUSA and is attending an Active Aging convention in Orlando, FL this month. Joyce is helping people live their dream of healthy aging. If you live in the Orange County area, you may want to contact her and try one of her programs: www.harmonyforlife.me.

Sad news: Gay Ellen DeGero joins the ranks of mothers in our class who have lost their sons. (Classnotes: Marian Blake Rowe, July ‘09, June ’07; Barry Busby French, April ’09, Marilyn Tumilty Reames).

Gay’s son, Wayne, was 45. In recent years he suffered with a very rare condition that affected his brainstem; however his death on October 5, 2011 was sudden and unexpected. Although he had gradually grown more physically impaired, Wayne remained mentally bright and sharp and continued to live independently with his loving companion cat, Miss Vela. Wayne graduated Valedictorian from Rio Hondo Community College and Fullerton State College. He earned his MSW at USC, graduating with honors, and became a licensed clinical social worker. For 15 years he worked in a variety of programs with the Veterans Administration, caring for our many war veterans. Wayne was loved, admired and appreciated by those who knew him for the caring, laughing, loving, loyal, generous person he was. He is survived and will be deeply missed by his devoted mom, Gay; her partner, Mary; his loving sister, brother-in-law, father, stepmother, and many friends and co-workers. Gay, we extend to you our deepest sympathy.

October 2011

There are some new (and old) additions to the list of Website Angels, classmates who support this site financially and recently sent contributions to the website redesign: John Albi, Jim Allison, Ralph Butcher, Dick Croxall and Tupper Pettit. Many thanks to you all! The complete list is on the Home Page.

Are you interested in a casual 55th reunion in 2012 somewhere in So. CA? If so, please reread the Class Notes for Sept. 2010 (below) and contact one of the classmates listed.

Roger Willis and wife, Blanca, are settled in their new home in Buckeye, AZ. Current address and email are in the Directory. They recently celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary.

Marian Blake Rowe is almost as good as new after a near death experience in Paraguay last July (see Aug. 2011). She hopes to be reinstated in the Peace Corps to finish her work in Paraguay. If not, “I will find some place warm for the winter.” (Her home is presently rented out.) She is appreciative of all the notes and expressions of support. “Hope you are all warm and content and living each day as if the last. I found out firsthand that any day COULD be the last.”

Many of you remember Jean Alley Ekerson. Jean attended Arcadia schools beginning in kindergarten and left during her sophomore year at AHS. She and husband, Art, are living in the same retirement community in OR as Bill Jacobs (see Aug 2011). Jean writes: “We recently sold the farm. We used to raise llamas (and lots of other critters) and now we boat in the Bahamas during the winter. We have a blended family of five with ten grandkids and one great. Yikes, how did that happen so quickly? I have been married for 40 years to Art Ekerson. He had a ski shop for 30 years. I remember so clearly when Barbara Horn and her family took me skiing for the first time. Julie Albi, I still have horses! Thank you for all the great Arcadia memories.” Jean’s email and address is in the Class Directory.

From Barbi Knopp Wesser: “Marylee Grant Goyan, husband Don (’60) and I had dinner recently with Bill Eldredge and wife, Molly (Sinkule ’59), at their new home in La Jolla, CA. They have moved back to San Diego after 20+ years in ID; are happy to be back in the land of lots of culture and sports activities and to be near their grandchildren. Bill still has the ’55 T-Bird that his dad bought new—it’s in perfect condition! Bill and Molly are fun, down-to-earth and interesting people.”

In addition to her new exercise program (see Oct 2010), Joyce Mark Goodman has been given the opportunity to open a wellness center—Harmony for Life—offering exercise and much more. “I am working with ages 1 – 101! So many people will be getting healthy and it keeps me healthy too!

August 2011

Introducing the newly designed AHS Class of 1957 website! A college friend and roommate of Marylee Grant Goyan graciously agreed to share her professional expertise at a very fair price. Thank you Marsha Eaton! Marsha is owner/web designer of Aloha Marketing, Honolulu, Hawaii. www.alohamarketing.com.

Thanks for remembering to send us your current email and address. Please check the Class Directory and let us know if there are changes.

Are you interested in a casual 55th reunion in 2012 somewhere in So. CA? If so, please reread the Class Notes for Sept. 2010 (below) and contact one of these people.

Janet Reeve Jacobson and husband Ty, welcomed grandson, Phillip John, born August 5. He joins sister, Emma, 2 years, and parents Erik and Jen Jacobson. “Big sister, Emma, doesn’t quite know what to do with him yet!”

Julie Albi Laul is now Julie Albi Shelley. After losing her dear husband, Virgil, to cancer two years ago, she has happily found love again with Donald Shelley, widower and friend of a mutual friend. They married in Carmel, May 18, and are enjoying traveling, golf, good friends, and presently are decorating their new desert home in Borrego Springs.

“Cords vibrate pleasantly when I read familiar old names,” writes Penny Havens Deley. “I’m on kidney dialysis now, a pain in one sense, but I see it as nine hours a week of guilt-free reading. At present I’m captivated by Abraham Verghese’s Cutting for Stone. Does anyone have current information on Nancy Ford Truher? We connected at the 50th and emailed after that, but lately I’ve heard nothing.”

Susan Cramer Peters and Marylee Grant Goyan recently returned from a road trip to OR and No. CA. On their way home they stopped to visit Margaret Ann ‘Maggie’ Spencer Carey. She and her partner of many years, Joe Collins, have owned and operated Briceland Winery in Redway, CA, since 1976. The winery is known for its Pinot, Sauvignon Blanc, and Brut Sparkling Wine, and can be purchased online. Maggie’s son, Andrew, now runs the day to day operation. As Susan says, “Redway is RURAL!” Maggie and Joe live largely off the land and are building their retirement home in Shelter Cove, a short distance from the winery, on the No. CA coast.

Bill Jacobs sent new contact information. “Last year Carol and I moved from our home of many years to Rogue Valley Manor, a large continuing care retirement community in Medford, OR. This is one of the largest of its kind in the US, offering diverse living opportunities, several levels of care and life care contracts. AHS’57 classmates should consider it as a marvelous place to live in active retirement.” www.retirement.org/rvm

Marian Blake Rowe sent an address update. “I’ve been in Twin Falls Rehab Care Center (ID) for six weeks after being life-flighted out of Paraguay on July 4. Doing well now after many things went haywire; was septic and all organs shut down. Due to fast action from the Peace Corps and great doctors, I made it through. Staying close to daughter, Diana; former husband and good friend, James; and three of my six grandkids. Hope to fully recover. I want to return to Paraguay in Dec. to finish my service. One happy sidelight is that my 19 year-old grandson came down and joined me 9/10-6/11 and had a unique and wonderful experience.”

From Harvey Herr: “My family and I are well here in Nairobi, Kenya. I have an upcoming assignment in Vietnam, having returned from Yemen earlier in the year. All the best.”

March 2011

Dave Pratt sent the sad news that his wife, Marilyn, passed away on February 24 after a four-year battle with ovarian cancer. “Thanks to great care at Stanford, she was active with her family, non-profit boards and organizations until just three weeks before her passing. She was on the board of the San Francisco Symphony, the Tech Museum in San Jose and That Man May See at UCSF at the time of her passing.” Over the years Marilyn served on many non-profit boards, including The Junior League, Children’s Health Council and the Vista Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired. Belated condolences, Dave. We hope you are receiving comfort from your family and friends.

Bill Eldredge and Molly (Sinkule ’59) “have left the wilds of Idaho after 22 years and are headed for civilization (grandkids/no snow).” See the Class Directory for their current address.

February 2011

Arnie Green sends greetings from 11 time zones to the East. He and Lani are serving as volunteers for an archiving/digitizing project of the King Faisal Foundation in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. They have a unique perspective on the political and cultural transformation occurring in the Middle East. (See Class Notes, July 2010.)


October 2010

Joyce Mark Goodman realized a 30-year dream this month by launching a new exercise DVD. Her program is called Harmony for Life and provides all the benefits of trampoline exercise in a low-impact, fun and unique way using stability balls. You can learn more about it at www.harmonyforlife.me. Joyce first developed the program for herself years ago to help counteract the stress of caring for her terminally ill son. Today she writes, “I am proud to be 71 and still strong, energetic and creative. God has truly blessed me and I know that my program will help lots of folks. There is something in this program for everyone, and I combine the exercises with great info on nutrition and supplements.”

September 2010

Quite a few have expressed interest in a casual 55th (2012) or 60th (2017) reunion, with particular focus on a mini car show in Arcadia or somewhere in the So. CA area. Dick Croxall, Dick Carl Martin, Bill Hamilton, Dick Leach, Myron Reichert, Wayne Callaway, Larry Cooke, John Albi, Ross Heale, Bill Eldredge, and Ron Cummings, among others, might be willing to help organize/participate. If you have any thoughts or interest, please contact Dick, Nancy or David Gilmour, or one of the others on this list.

Thanks to all who remember to send us your change of email and address. If you don’t do this…WE WILL LOSE YOU...and you will join others on the ‘Lost’ list.

August 2010

Betty Beaudette’s daughter, Lori, emailed with news of her mom. “A few things have happened in Mom’s life the last couple of years. My brother set up a date for her with the gentleman across the street from him. They have been neighbors for at least 20 years. Long story short: Mom married David! [Last name is Kirk.] She moved into his home in Burbank, so she is a lot closer to Arcadia now. They have been married three years this November, and she is the happiest I have ever seen her. They are both like teenagers again!” Congratulations Betty Beaudette Kirk! (New address for Betty in the class list.)

Lynne Lindsay Rhodes attended Alhambra her first two years of high school and then came to AHS and graduated with the Class of ’57. She has been married to her husband, Kenneth, for 51 years. She has stayed in touch with Patricia ‘Tricia’ Keith-Spiegel who told her about this Web site and how to get on the ‘Found list.’ Good to find you Lynne! We now have her current address in the class list below.

There is also new address information for Cecile Bowler Driskill who moved in January of this year.

Binnie Busby Beaumont writes, “My mother was a great one. She sent me to college and graduate school at Stanford and paid my tuition!” Binnie taught for many years until she retired to spend more time with her family.

Betsy Barclay Jordan has joined the WEBSITE ANGELS. Thank you Betsy!

July 2010

Pam Boller Pingle is staying home this summer and enjoying friends, family and pool. But she still travels: a cruise in Feb. that took her through the Panama Canal, Fiji in March and cross country for five weeks in April and May. Her last trip was complicated. While away, her dog sitter had emergency surgery, the pool leaked, a family member died of cancer, and her best friend had a stroke. Pam continues to enjoy her Christian Women’s Club, the OR Retired Educators’ Assn., Red Hats, and plays bridge. “My days are VERY full! I just got a new-to-me car, so [for now] can’t afford to go anywhere….”

Faith Moody Fults enjoyed the class reunion poem and thanks Linda Stewart Little for sharing it. Faith and her husband, Bill, celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on Valentine’s Day, 2010. “Praise God!” She was delighted that Dianne Evans Atkins was able to attend. Dianne was one of Faith’s bridesmaids. Faith and Bill visited their oldest son and family in KY, and oldest daughter and family in FL this month. “Soon we will travel with another son and his wife to Hawaii. We were so flattered to be invited to join them that we decided to take two vacations this summer.”

John Cowdell, our AFS exchange student from New Zealand who lived with Susie Cumins Newell and her family, died on July 5 from complications of Parkinson’s Disease. (See Obituary Notes )  

Pat Schenck Kirklighter lives in Walnut, CA and sent us a 50-year update. She married a West Point graduate in ‘59 and worked for the Army and Air Force as a contract negotiator on major weapons systems for 22+ years, spending most of her time at Norton AFB. Since then, she has held several diverse positions in food marketing, processing and packaging, and is currently employed as office manager for a heavy duty truck dismantler. “I have a wonderful daughter, a super son-in-law and two very bright and ambitious grandchildren, currently in college. Remember Rod Philips? [He and his wife attended the 50th.] He owns a business across the street from where I work and after 12 years, realized we both attended Arcadia. Small world! He and Penny Pearson Labourdette are about the only classmates I’ve run across in all these years.”

Susan Cramer Peters, Marylee Grant Goyan and Nancy Montgomery Gilmour are traveling to Silverton, OR this summer to visit Susie Cumins Newell. Thanks largely to the 50th Reunion, we have renewed and continue to enjoy old AHS friendships.

Dick (Carl) Martin attended the 40th in… “my wife’s ’31 Ford roadster, along with Bill Hamilton in his ’40 Ford. I’m a stone hot rodder having written for Rod & Custom, The Rodders Journal and many other hot rod magazines for the past 15 years. I spent many years at 3M Co. in direct sales, finally as VP of Turbo Master, Inc., a South African turbocharger company. I raced a Corvette in school and continue to race. I’ll be running at Bonneville again this year during Speed Weeks in August.”

Dick and others wonder if any more reunions are planned. What about the idea some of you had of meeting in a casual location (Arcadia Park?) with the old cars some of you collect. Anyone interested in putting something like that together?

Arnold (Arnie) Green stumbled across the AHS 1957 class page and discovered himself listed as ‘lost’. He sent us this update: “I married Lanigene Handy (attended AHS until 1964) in 1965; MA at BYU, 1967; PhD UCLA in Near Eastern History/Arabic, 1973 (after 1 ˝ years of research in Tunisia). Visiting professor 1972-73 at University of Miami; Fulbright post-doc North Yemen (1973-74); taught Mid-East History at American University, Cairo (Egypt) 1974-85; then at BYU 1985-2009. List of publications respectably long, but boring. Last visited Arcadia to bury my mother (96) at Rose Hills in Sept. 2008. Regards to anyone who may remember me and/or Lani. Please move me to the ‘found’ category. Cheers.” His current email address: arniegreen@q.com

More address/email changes or additions: Penny Pearson Labourdette, Pat Schenck Kirklighter, Betsy Barclay Jordan, Dick Martin. (See class list .)

Send me your news if you have some you’d like to share! Nancy Montgomery ntgilmour@aol.com

February 2010

It has been a long time between updates. Happy New Year and Happy Valentine’s to all! Some good news for the new year is that we found Penny Pearson Labourdette, who, as it turns out, is living in Novato, CA, a short distance from Susan Cramer Peters, David Gilmour and Nancy Montgomery Gilmour. Penny has lived in the Bay Area since the late ‘60’s when her husband, Al, retired from his Army career. She moved to Germany early in their marriage and was ‘lost’ after that until, by chance, Barbi Knopp Wesser found her on Classmates.com. Penny and Al have been married almost 49 years and have four grown children and five grandchildren. They are both retired and enjoy volunteering for their church and non-profits. Penny has stayed in touch with Pat Schenck Kirklighter. David and I enjoyed having dinner with Penny and Al recently, and getting reacquainted.



Charles Barry Williams died in July 2009 of a heart attack. Ron Cummings writes about his longtime, close friend in theObituary Notes.

July ‘09

Summer news…Karen Hunter Slawson and husband, George, are enjoying their grandchildren. Their son’s eldest is visiting from Rice U before he heads off to Tokyo as an exchange student. The Shakespeare Festival in Ashland, OR is one of their summer rituals. Karen and George still run a soup kitchen in Salem (22 years) and advocate for foster children.

Jim Chilton finished this year’s Tour De Wyoming “in good shape...366 miles and four mountain passes. Crossed the Rockies twice…then crossed over the Snowy Mountain Range for a finale. Took six days. This was my favorite ride of the Tour in 8 or 9 years; great challenge and very well put together.”

Tom Clark and Jean Golisch Clark and Barbi Knopp Wesser and husband, Don (’56), enjoyed spring/summer river cruises in Europe.

Lee Grund and wife, Penny, are celebrating his 70th in August with a family reunion in La Jolla.
Marian Blake Rowe
is heading to Paraguay in September for 2 ˝ years of service in the Peace Corps as a Crop Extensionist. Her son, Alan, was striving for global peace and freedom in the US Marine Corps when he was killed in Iraq in 2004. “I hope to continue his quest and contribute in some small way as a US Peace Corps worker. I’ll be back in time for our 55th in 2012. See you then!” Due to generous donations, the scholarship fund she established in Alan’s name at the College of Southern Idaho has almost reached the limit of $10,000, after which it can be made available to political science students at CSI. (See Notes for 2007).

June ‘09

Richard Bensen retired in 1998 and began working for Travelers Aid at Union Station in LA where he led group tours. Around that time he also discovered the LA jazz scene. In 2005 he retired again, this time along with his wife, Mary Beth (’58). Travel is a priority now…“to Minnesota to see our son; to the Santa Ynez Valley to see our daughter and family; the central coast; the low deserts of CA; and traditional jazz festivals throughout the US. I lost my sister, Ingrid (’55) to cancer in February ’08. When at home [Arcadia], I walk in the arboretum in the early AM among the coyotes and bobcats.”

May ‘09

John Heidtke writes: “Life is busy…it is easier to get nominated to many advisory boards than to land a good paying job! Penny and I are in great shape. I continue to work out and may take up bike riding again with the idea of a long tour across the US. Why not? Still working on that book idea…over forty stories so far. My son returns from Pakistan next week…he will be full of them; grandkids arrive for the summer in two weeks…no more peace and quiet around here!”

Shirley Burgess Vanderbeck
is off to Russia in June on a legal study tour. She is legal assistant to an attorney in Claremont and has won numerous awards in her profession. (See 8/06.) “I became a great grandmother last October with the birth of my granddaughter’s first child. Outside the normal aches and pains of hitting the 70’s, life is good!”

Paul Geller
writes: “Thanks! No change here. Except that I turned 70. Feeling better than I did at 65. Regards to all.” www.pgeller.com

Jean Reynolds Trimble
lost her husband, Robert, in July 2008 following a sudden and brief illness. They were married 49 years and attended the 40th and 50th reunions. “It’s been a hard year in many ways, but you learn to deal with the good and the bad. I am blessed to have two wonderful children and three fun grandchildren. I have had a great life and have no regrets. Love to all.”

Pam Boller Pingle is still traveling in her profession as travel agent/consultant, but is starting to cut back. She is going to Washington DC and Williamsburg this month where she has a time share, and the fall foliage tour in October. She has been back in touch recently with Jane Biffle Radar.

Penny Havens Deley was forced to evacuate in the recent Santa Barbara wildfire, but fortunately returned home to find everything intact, albeit ash everywhere.

Gordon Maddock checked in to tell us he has made some changes: “I sold my company and moved out of Arcadia.” He now lives and works in Rancho Cucamonga. His new address is in the class list.

Roger Willis
and wife, Blanca, are still living in Carlsbad, are building a new home in AZ, and will be moving there in early 2010. “I am fully retired (sold my consulting company in 2000) and we are enjoying life with good health and lots of laughter. I was sorry to hear about Fred Peterson. [See Obituary Notes.] He was a good friend in school. Has anyone heard from Judy Manly?”

Sherrill Williams Mayo writes: “Hi ’57 Classmates. Want to bring you up to date on the SULTAN’S CAR CLUB—remember them? Some are still alive and kicking (sadly some deceased). They meet once a year in Laughlin, NV for a VERY FUN reunion. We were there April 19, 20--great conversation, a reading of the OLD minutes (hysterical), good food and just a great time reminiscing.” Those attending from AHS Class of ‘55: Jerry Mayo, Sonny Labriola, Don Leaverenz, Lennie Roland, Jim Russell, Roger Rutherford and Jack Wells; from the Class of ’56: Faye Sanders Smith.Karen Cunningham Schaeffer, we missed you this year; hope you will join us next year.”  Sherrill was contacted recently by her old friend, Linda Lehr Woolley. They graduated from PCC together. Linda and her husband, Doug, (they met at PCC) are living in Dunsmuir. Thanks to Sherrill, we now have her current address and phone number (see the class list).

April ‘09 Barry Busby French shared the sad news of her son’s death in December 2007. Alden Barrett French, 42, died unexpectedly and tragically following a brief illness. Barry says they were very close. “We were buddies; he was fun to be with and very bright; we thought alike.” Barry has two other children, Clark and Lara, and granddaughter, Savannah, who live in the area. She is grateful for her family and friends, and is especially happy for Lara who recently celebrated her second marriage. For those of you who may not know, Barry is a gifted and talented interior designer with a thriving business in Orange County. She still loves her work and has no plans to retire.

Susan Cramer Peters celebrated her 70th birthday in grand style, thanks to Marylee Grant Goyan (aka ‘Martha Stewart on Wheels’) who drove up from Coronado and hosted a luncheon for 12 in Susan’s home on her big day, April 1st. (No fool!) Jean Golisch Clark drove down from Cloverdale to attend. Susan’s sons and their wives hosted a dinner in her honor at a local Marin restaurant for four generations of family--oldest, her mom (96) and youngest, her grandchildren, ages 4 years to 4 months. Congratulations to Susan, and to all who will be celebrating this milestone soon, or have already. Hard to believe we have reached the BIG 7-0!!!    

February ‘09 Update on John Heidtke (see July 2008 below): Although his doctors declared him to be in excellent health and fit for duty at 70 years young, John was refused deployment to Iraq for 2009 (his fifth overseas mission), so he has regrouped and decided instead to obtain his working FBI retired credential and write a book of his experiences. John is an alum who loves what he does and has no intention of retiring just yet!

January ‘09

In November 2008, AOL discontinued free Web space for its customers, and we signed a five-year paid contract for hosting through Network Solutions. Our new address is www.ahsclassof57.com. See the list above of those classmates who are helping provide financial support. 


Harvey Herr has been in touch via email recently with John Heidtke (and regularly over the years with John Sullivan.) Harvey has been employed in Iraq steadily, except for a year off, since October 2003 on a government contract. John expects to be deployed in January 2009. John’s son is also there (see July 2008 below), so maybe they will be able to arrange a reunion. Harvey went into the Navy immediately after graduation from AHS, eventually graduating from UC Berkeley. He has been married for 40 years, has two sons, and has lived and worked in Vietnam, Virginia and, since 1974, Kenya--still his permanent residence. He describes life in Iraq as difficult; however, “We have had good experiences working with Iraqis.” (11/08)

Thankfully, Hurricane Ike did not do any major damage to the home of Robert ‘Bob’ Jones and his wife, Diana. You may recall reading here (see 2/07 below) that their home was badly damaged during Hurricane Katrina. This time they escaped to a lovely inn in northern LA and sat out the hurricane with only a power failure or two, fresh linens and some good food and drink. Returning home, they found the house intact with only some minor damage to the landscape. After their previous experience, they are exceedingly thankful and grateful. (9/08)  

Chris Dueker,
a man of few (but choice) words, writes: “It is always good to hear from you. My mother died on 1 August, her 92nd birthday. She was still living in the house from which I went to join the Apaches. The Class of 1957 shrinks. How many of us are out of parents?” (8/08)

Peggy Tremayne
enjoyed reading news of classmates, but, along with others, expressed sadness to realize “so many wonderful classmates have died.” Peggy still has her office and works full time as a Marriage and Family Therapist. “We recently had our children and grandchildren together for a family reunion at our second home in Puerto Vallarta. Great fun!” Peggy’s daughter lives in Marin County and often shops at Paradise Foods, owned by David Gilmour. (8/08)

Nyda Moore Dillberg
says life in Arizona this time of year is HOT. “But the winters are great! We were thinking of buying a ranch in Texas [Nyda raises horses] and then our oldest girl and her family decided to buy a home close by, so we will probably be staying.” (7/08) 

John Heidtke is eternally young. He turned 70 in April, and soon will be on his way to Iraq to serve with Civilian Police International as a Judicial Advisor. “A lot of the Iraqi judges and their families have been assassinated, so they need help and advice on their cases. [!!!] My son has been with Blackwater and the CIA in Iraq for the past several years.  He tells me that things are going much better there than our ‘wonderful’ media is willing to report. The Lord has blessed me with unusual strength and health, so I will not waste it sitting on the porch in a rocker with the dog or chasing a little white ball several times a week.  There is plenty of time to do nothing when we’re dead.” (7/08)

Jack Anderson writes, “Thanks for the updated Web page and info. Another trip down memory lane with lots of smiles and a few tears for those who have gone before us. Hope to see everyone for the 60th in 2017!” (7/08)

Bob Kerske
lost his long and valiant fight with cancer on July 21, 2008. He and his wife, Evelyn, attended the 50th reunion. (See Obituary Notes below – 7/08)

Bonnie Merry Booth
and Chuck (’56) are continuing to enjoy “retirement.” Bonnie still works two mornings a week doing the accounts payable and receivables for a company in Irvine. “I’ve been talking about quitting for about four years now, but they are so good to me. Plus I feel like it’s helping to keep my brain active!” Bonnie also keeps active playing golf and enjoying their children and four grandchildren who live nearby. (7/08)

Karen Hunter Slawson sent a lovely anniversary letter as a reminder that in June 2007, many of our classmates were together in Newport Beach happily celebrating our 50th reunion. This was her first AHS reunion, and she is so glad she came. “Words just cannot tell what an impact coming together after a lifetime has made. There were many unexpected delights and joys. Funny, but I especially remember Carol Beutler Hunter running up to me at the dinner in that same irrepressible style I remember from high school, saying, ‘Karen, I’m a Hunter now, too!’” Thank you, Karen. And thanks for expressing appreciation for our class Web page.  (6/08)

Gary Fultz wrote to say that he had brunch with Troy and his new wife in May (08). “I had not seen or talked to him for 20 years.” After finishing MIT, Gary worked at JPL for six years and then at TRW for 30+ years, completing an MS and PhD in Electrical Engineering at UCLA. “I met my second wife, Carole, at TRW and we have been married for 23 years. We retired in 1997 and moved to Escondido on a golf course. I have been working for a property management company for the past six years on a part time basis.” (6/08)

Troy Lemons sent an update for one of our “lost” classmates: Gary Fultz.  Gary, we remember you!  Address information for him is now in the class list below.  Thank you, Troy. (5/08) 

Duke Haubelt
writes that he and Sherry Hayden Nottingham (’56) were married in January 2007. “We dated in high school and I should have married her then... LOL!”  Congratulations, Duke! (5/08)


Gratefully, the homes of Jim Allison, Al Banks and Carol Carr Mayo in Running Springs and Crestline were not damaged in the Southern CA forest fires, although the fires came very close, and all had to be evacuated.  Jim emailed that the fire came within ten feet of their back deck! (11/07)

We received a lovely letter from Dorene Meisch Leatherwood, a classmate who attended AHS until the summer before her Senior year. She was disappointed not to graduate with us, and has always considered herself an alumnus. She has remained friends with Penny Havens Deley and visited her recently. Dorene moved to Ohio shortly before marriage to her husband, Ed, in 1964, and has lived there ever since. She earned a Master’s Degree in Educational Administration, and taught school for 25 years. She and Ed have three grown children and nine grandchildren. For 30 years they had a small farm and raised animals.  Now retired, they are traveling more; one of their most unique trips was to Russia and the Ukraine for seven weeks to visit their son who was living there. Dorene enjoys scrap booking, gardening, reading, Bible study and taking care of her grandchildren. She hopes to attend any future reunions.  Her address and contact information can be found in the class list below.  Welcome back to AHS, Dorene! (10/07)

John Sullivan
, who missed the 50th because he was coaching an important soccer tournament, wrote the nicest email.  He enjoyed reading the biographies of classmates, and shared his summer plans.  He and wife, Anna, will make their first trip to Montana and Glacier National Park in August, and on the way plan to visit Marilyn Healy Hunt (AHS ’58) and her husband.  They also will visit Idaho and the Seattle area where they will reconnect with family and old friends.  They and their three children are happy, healthy and doing well.  John adds, “By the way, I am pretty sure that Harvey Herr is just about to finish his last assignment in Iraq.  Thank God.”  (7/07)

Marian Blake Rowe
would like us to know that a scholarship fund, The Alan Blake Rowe Memorial Political Science Scholarship Fund, to sponsor students majoring in political science at the College of Southern Idaho ( CSI), has recently been established to honor her son, Major Alan Blake Rowe, a career Marine and  one of our “Fallen Heroes,” killed in Iraq on September 3, 2004, shortly after beginning his 4th deployment.  Alan attended CSI and went on to graduate with honors from Boise State University, receiving his BS degree in his serious interest: Political Science.  Donations should be made to The College of Southern Idaho Foundation, Inc.; Memo: Alan Rowe Memorial Scholarship; and mailed to CSI Foundation, P. O. Box 1238, Twin Falls, ID 83303-1238.  Marian will appreciate it if contributors identify themselves as members of the AHS Class of ’57. (6/07)

Tupper Pettit
sent biographical information for John Nicolais, his classmate starting at Hugo Reid Elementary, who died in 1979.  See the Class Obituary below.  Thank you, Tupper.  (6/07)

We recently found classmate and friend, Colleen Schurter Jannuzzi, after many years.  She and her husband, David, live in Portland, OR.  Our searches over the past ten years proved fruitless until Barbi Knopp Wesser (sleuth that she is!), found Colleen through an Internet search.  A semi-retired travel agent, Colleen lost no time booking reservations to attend the 50th reunion.  She looks forward to renewing old friendships. (5/07)

We have updated address information for Patricia Keith Spiegel, Joyce Mark Goodman, Jerome Faustini, John Heidtke, Ray Mueller, Carl Raymond, Jean Ramage, Rod Phillips, Les Rush, Sandy Spaulding, Barbara Stoltze, Joan Spratling Acone, Joel Woodward, and Wayne Wragg.  (5/07)

I had a nice phone conversation with Paul Geller.  He is an attorney, semi-retired, and lives with his wife, Susan, in beautiful Mandeville Canyon in West L.A.   We now have a current address information for him. We spoke of Larry Martin before and after learning of Larry’s death in 2004.  Paul stayed in touch with him until recent years.  (5/07)

Remember John Cowdell, the exchange student who lived with Susie Cumins Newell and her family during our Senior year? Susie corresponded with him regarding the 50th.  He wrote back saying that he won’t be able to attend due to health problems, but sends his best wishes for an enjoyable time. His current mailing address is in the class list below if anyone wishes to write to him.  (5/07)

Jim Chilton
has moved to Cheyenne, WY, and plans to come to the reunion. He found out about it from Betsy Jordan. “I forgot it was 50 years. Where does the time go? Wyoming is a beautiful state. I enjoy living here. I do the Tour De Wyoming (bicycle tour, not a race) and have a chance to see a lot of the state. It is a six-day bicycle trip [covering 417 miles]. This year it is going to the Devil’s Tower area. There is going to be a 112-mile century on one day that will cover three states. I’ve got to give that a shot.” (4/07)

For the past year, Gay Ellen De Gero Williams has been caring for and giving encouragement to her 40-year-old son who was diagnosed with a rare brain condition causing tremors and other neurological symptoms. Following surgery last March and while recovering, he was diagnosed with another, even rarer, brain disorder. It should resolve itself without surgery. Gay says he is doing better now, so she is planning to come to the reunion. She is talking with Diane Schroer Turner, and hopes they can come together.  (4/07) |

Interesting news regarding Bob Cummings, a musician and composer who has become well known in the classical music field: he has been nominated twice for the Pulitzer Prize for musical composition, and his works are being performed in Europe, as well as the US.  He has a beautifully designed Web site where you can learn more about his accomplishments:  www.robertcummingscomposer.com.  He may be able to join us at the reunion if an upcoming premiere in Europe does not interfere.  Congratulations, Bob!  (4/07)
There is new or updated address information for the following classmates: Darrell Brook, Carol Smith Paul, Karen Hunter Slawson, Peggy Parker Metcalf, John Van Ornum, Judy Shoemaker Douglass, Ed Faeth, Al Banks, Carol Carr Mayo, Carolyn Stirling, Sue Mertz, Chuck Rose, Robert “Bob” Henry Jones, and Julie Ann McCoy Mace, and Ted Vecchione.  (3/07-4/07)

Roger Stevens
found our Web page, sent us his current address, and is coming to the 50th reunion with his wife, Coleen.  They are both retired—she as an accountant, Roger as an engineer.  “We are discovering new hobbies and playing with our four grandkids.  Coleen does her art and I keep busy with my robotics research, restoring my old sports cars, and western history studies.”  (3/07) 
Apologies to Al Banks.  His name found its way onto the obituary list by mistake!  He is alive and well, lives in Crestline, CA, and plans to attend the reunion with his wife, Connie.  (3/07)

Marian Blake Rowe
sends mixed news.  She led the good life in Idaho, teaching and cattle ranching, after graduating UC Davis.  Married 32 years, two kids and six grandkids, now divorced.  Two stints with the Peace Corps, and travel/language study in interesting places: Europe, Africa, China Mongolia, South and Central America, South Pacific Islands, Malta, Egypt, and some other choice spots.  In September 2004, two Marines knocked on her door to tell her of the combat death of her son, Alan Blake Rowe, in Anbar, Iraq.  “He was my only son, one month shy of 36, with a devoted wife and two children.  He was a career Marine, “poster boy” for the Corps, on his 4th deployment to Iraq.  His death has turned my life upside down, and has dominated my heart, mind and spirit ever since, but I am trying to learn to live with it.  Will do my utmost to make it to Newport in June and hope to get reacquainted with some of our classmates.  From the Web page, it seems we are well represented in Idaho!”  (3/07) 

Ron Norton and his wife, Charlene, are planning to attend the 50th reunion.  “We have been married for 45 great years and have two sons, one daughter-in-law, and one grandson.  We live in Newport Beach, and I have been self-employed as a manufacturers’ rep for the last 28 years.  We are looking forward to the reunion.”  (2/07) 

Jack Shuler,
DDS, and his wife, Nardos, are back home in NH after leading a medical/dental mission into the Olancho province of Honduras. “This is our 37th trip, having served in 11 countries since 1984.  [See 10/05 entry below.]  Our team treated/saw 3000 patients.”  Jack sent some photos which we plan to share at the 50th reunion.  (2/07)

In 1999, we wrote that Alice Bishop Kennedy and her husband, Jay, were moving to South Carolina and building a home.  “We have been in the house almost eight years now.  We are retired and are enjoying an active life living on Lake Keowee in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  I might be slightly prejudiced, but I think it’s a beautiful spot!  We have two children and three grandchildren.  They don’t live close, but they do have fun on the lake, so love to visit.”  Alice and Jay will be at the 50th reunion!  (2/07)

Robert “Bob” Norwood Jones, MD
and his wife, Diana, are planning to attend the 50th.  They live in New Orleans.  He writes: “It has been interesting here in New Orleans.  Diana and I were trapped in Tulane Hospital for four days after the storm [Katrina] and had to be evacuated by helicopter.  Our home was flooded, and we lived in San Antonio for four months.  Our repairs are now pretty much complete, and I’m doing the same work as before, except that I’m now an emeritus professor of medicine.  I look forward to seeing you all.” (2/07)

Tom Trippe
is enjoying life in Berkeley with wife, Kirsten, and dog, Frizzle.  He is semi-retired, and still working some at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab in high-energy physics research.  He enjoys windsurfing, seeing his two children, tutoring his five grandchildren in math and physics, and is building a garden shed using old-world carpentry.  “We have a beautiful garden, thanks to Kirsten, who is a landscape designer.  She creates the beauty and I do the vegetables.  We look forward to the reunion.”  (2/07)

Current news from Pat Killeen: “I’m retired from teaching, married to Phil Gosswiller, and loving San Diego.  Between us, we have five kids and seven grandkids.  I keep busy with Tai Chi, painting, swimming, and kicking back with Phil at our Baja casa.”  Pat attended the 20th reunion, and we hope she will come to the 50th.  (2/07)

Judy Bullock Cadenasso
and husband, Sil, are both retired, and are enjoying more time at their second home in Hawaii as well as using it for home exchanges, “so we can see a little more of the world.  Between us we have six kids and six grandchildren—most in CA and one in Seattle.  We are really looking forward to attending the 50th reunion.”  (2/07)

Rene Caron
and Sandy, Bob Kerske and Evelyn, Bob Askin and Jayne (Patrick ’58), and Dick (Craig) Martin and Sue Hatter (recently married!) are all coming to the reunion.  Rene writes: “Dick married Sue last summer in a small family wedding on Catalina Island.  They are living in Casper, WY where Sue lived with her husband before he passed away several years ago.  Bob Kerske and Evelyn recently moved to Corona after 30 years in Fullerton.  Bob Askins and Jayne live in Scottsdale.  He is retired and still plays competitive tennis, rides his bike 30 miles a day and competes in senior biking events.  They travel a lot and are enjoying life to the fullest.”  Rene also writes that Tom Arthur is retired and living in Tustin Ranch with wife, Linda.  Rene is encouraging Tom to come to the reunion.  (2/07)

Faith Moody Fults
and her husband, Bill, are coming to the 50th reunion.  Recent highlights: “In 2006, the youngest of our six children graduated, got married and moved out.  Also, we became great grandparents!  How can anyone be that ‘old’?  We now have 10 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren.  My husband and I are retired teachers, but I still substitute, and together we lead a Good News Club at a local elementary school.  Last August, we revisited the Methodist church camp where two AHS Senior classmates--Penny Havens and Cecile Bowler--and I met our husbands.  I highly recommend church camp!”

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